Beijing says no to Justin Bieber over past ‘bad behavior’


Beijing says no to Justin Bieber over past ‘bad behavior’

Beijing, Jul 21 (AP) : The capital of China says it does not invite Justin Bieber to perform in the country because of his past “bad behavior”, although he recognized that the Canadian singer has talent.

In response to a query from an alleged fan on its webpage, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture said it was in the interests of imposing standards and ordering and “cleaning” the market Performance.

He said Bieber’s “bad behavior”, including in his private life abroad and during China to accomplish, had caused “public discontent”. He did not provide details.

Bieber performed in Beijing, Shanghai and the eastern city of Dalian in 2013.

“Justin Bieber is a young foreign singer who has talent to sing but also controversial,” said the office.

“Therefore, it is not appropriate to introduce artists who exhibit bad behavior,” he said. “However, in the process of growing up and improving his words and deeds, he can really become a singer who is loved by the masses,” he added.

Bieber, 23, has had numerous clashes with police all over the world. During his visit to China in 2013, he shouted criticism when images showed him that he was transported the Great Wall of China by a pair of bodyguards.

Bieber’s “Purpose World Tour” takes place in Asia in September with performances in Tokyo, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory of Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

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