‘Death In Paradise’ resumes shooting


‘Death In Paradise’ resumes shooting

London, Sep 8 PTI : “Death in Paradise” resumed filming after being temporarily suspended due to the security problems associated with Hurricane Irma.

The BBC’s popular show is halfway through the production of the Seven Series in Guadeloupe, which is not directly affected by Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded on the Atlantic Ocean.

A spokesman for Red Planet Pictures told Digital Spy that they were getting the procedure to resume shooting on September 6th.

The shooting had already been suspended due to concerns about the safety of the cast and crew, following the fact that the government of Guadeloupe declared a red alert warning to all its inhabitants about the hurricane.

“Father Ted” star Ardal O’Hanlon took the lead in Kris Marshall’s “Death in Paradise” towards the end of series six as the most recent inspector of St. Mary’s, Detective Inspector Jack Mooney.

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