Even if my journey ends now, I have nothing to lose: Kangana


Even if my journey ends now, I have nothing to lose: Kangana

Mumbai, Sep 10 PTI : Her trip of more than a decade to Bollywood has seen many triumphs, including her three national awards, and Kangana Ranaut says if her career ends now, she has nothing to lose as she has a huge success for the rest of his life.

Kangana, who made her film debut in 2006 with “Gangster”, said during her trip to the film industry, she was able to discover herself and conquer her fears.

In an interview with PTI, Kangana said: “I acted on my fears when I struggled and tried to discover myself, that I am. But now I am extremely satisfied with my discovery about myself, my inherent nature, what I am as a woman and what my tendencies and abilities are. I left home without knowing when I was 15, but at the age of 30, I know a lot about myself.

“And there’s a sense of accomplishment, I’m three times the national prize winner, I’ve broken the box office records … Even though my trip ends here now, I have nothing to lose, still have a tremendous success in every way for the rest of my life. ”

Kangana, 31, does not understand why she should fear something in life because she is not afraid of anyone.

If she fears not to work, the actor claims to have already achieved more than she had expected.

When I left home, I wanted to be independent, now I am a megastar, I am a familiar name, I am a woman who knows who has been the biggest challenge for me If I’m going to be scary now, I’m afraid my whole life. ”

Kangana is not concerned about her career ending in Bollywood and says she has complete faith in her abilities and knows she can try her hand in another profession.

“What can this industry do for me?” “This industry can not blame me, it can not give me anything.” If my trip ends here, then it’s too serious. I have a lot of faith in my abilities and I am not afraid I am not in love with this world and no one can shatter my spirit.

Kangana seems to already have a plan in place to publish his career in Bollywood.

“I built a nice house in Manali and I look forward to spending time there, writing books and occasionally directing a film,” she says.

The actor was involved in a controversy with Hrithik Roshan, after she called him his “stupid” in an interview, followed by the two stars who gesticulate legal opinions on each other.

If she expects a public apology or admission of their business to Hrithik, Kangana says, “I have said everything on this issue. This question was finished for me in 2014. It ended … you can not do anything It was a fake case. There is nothing to hope for. ”

After her recent appearance on the show “Aap Ki Adalat”, where she denotes her soul about her relationship with Hrithik, the former wife of actor “Krrish 3”, Sussanne Khan, came out in her support on the networks.

On this point, the Queen’s star says: “I do not want to comment because I do not have the slightest problem.”

Kangana had also attacked Aditya Pancholi, the wife of an unnamed actor, filmmaker Karan Johar, writer Apurva Asrani, director Ketan Mehta and the Women’s Commission on the show.

Publish the frank interview, she was greeted by several women on social networks to take charge of the biggies of the film industry.

When Karan Johar or Hrithik Roshan say something about me and when I shoot, I do not have time to react, I do not react for months, and because that I work, I never give up my character for my personal gain.

“And whenever I get the time and I meet the media, I speak.I’ll talk for those who care, write long open letters and write loving stories of faith and women empowerment.I speak to them . ”

She insists she does not speak for those who have directed her or accused her.

“For me, they have lost the battle, for me they are losers, but those who have the eternal spirit, who prosper and survive, have a collective conscience, I speak to them.”

The next film “Simran” by Kangana, directed by Hansal Mehta, is launched on September 15th.

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