Gender sensitivity should start from home: Bramma G


Gender sensitivity should start from home: Bramma G

Chennai, Sep 13 PTI : Director Bramma G says that the status of women in society will only improve after gender sensitivity is practiced at home.

The next film “Magalir Mattum” focuses on the story of three female friends, who have been meeting for a long time and are resisting the pressure exerted by men in their lives.

In an interview with PTI, Bramma says the film celebrates women and he hopes that men will begin to look at the female genre through a different lens after watching the film.

“Respect for women should start from home and school.” When gender sensitivity begins at home, women’s safety becomes a reality, and I do not intend to give messages in my film but I always wanted to arouse public opinion Equality is when a man leaves his wife to be herself. This is what I tried to convey through my film.

The filmmaker believes that the education system plays an essential role in shaping the children’s thought process.

“Our text books still describe the picture of a family where the mother does household chores sitting on the floor while the father reads the newspaper on the couch.

It must change. “

The director says that the films that undergo female characters and objectify them are just a few examples that indirectly favor prejudices against women among young people.

“Abuses against women are not thin on the ground, women of all ages have been physically and mentally abused for years around the world. With the smartphones and the ubiquitous media of today, the situation has come to light. Statistics on women’s abuse are the backbone, chilling, “says Bramma.

“Magalir Mattum” starred Jyothika and called him “director actor”.

“Jo (Jyothika) is a full-length actor who does not mean she describes what I ask her, she would understand the context of a scene and play it in her path. story and empathé my characters.

“His belief in the script is what made the film possible.

She worked meticulously on minute details. There have been some occasions when I have gone bad. But she would be conscious and correct me quickly. “

Jyothika plays a documentary filmmaker in the film and Bramma says she agreed to do the project only after telling the full script.

“When I told her about ‘Magalir Mattum’, Jo loved her and asked me to come up with the full screenplay. After she had prepared the screenplay, she was the first to hear it. literally at every scene and played perfectly the role of an audience, “he said.

Also with Urvashi, Bhanupriya, Saranya, Nassar, Livingston and Pavel Navageethan in important roles, “Magalir Mattum” opens on September 15th.

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