I have played Haseena to the best of my ability: Shraddha


I have played Haseena to the best of my ability: Shraddha

Mumbai, Sep 13 PTI : Shraddha Kapoor will be seen playing Haseena Parkar in the next biopic and the actor says she has done her best to do justice to the role.

The 30-year-old actor said in a team that they remained faithful to the story of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister.

In an interview with PTI, Shraddha said: “I loved the story. He is a character of real life, who has suffered so much loss in his life. The film was a challenge for me. I played the role of Haseena to the best of my ability.

“My approach to this film was identical to that of another film, it was based on the director’s vision and we tried to remain faithful to the story and the character.”

The actor says that she knew nothing about Haseena before coming on board and the research of director Apoorva Lakhia helped him a lot.

“I did not know anything about him, family members, you get personal anecdotes, how the person is in real life, personality traits.” The insight of his family (Haseena) was invaluable in trying to understand how it should be depicted on the big screen.

“Apoorva Lakhia met her, spent time with her, had the opportunity to meet her and understand her, but unfortunately I could not (meet her) at the time of her death.” Apoorva knew her character so well well and that helped us a lot while doing the scenes. “

Shraddha says they do not pass judgment in the film and have acquired a “holistic” approach to present Haseena’s life story on the silver screen.

“We depicted a holistic view of this lady, we showed the angle of right, her own perspective and other people she met.” Apoorva did all the research.

The public is free to make its own judgment. “

The chronic film Haseena’s journey from a teenager at the time she was 40 years old.

The actor says his effort was to get as close as possible to Haseena in terms of look.

“I did my best to gain weight and managed to gain seven pounds and we helped the prosthesis to make me look like Haseena Parkar.I tried to absorb his mannerisms and manner of speaking , walking, etc. This is my voice, we have not corrected it. “

The film will see brother Siddhanth Kapoor, the actor of Shraddha, who depicts the role of Dawood Ibrahim. “Haseena Parkar” is scheduled for release on 22 September.

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