I’m dying to work, want to play good characters: Bobby Deol

I’m dying to work, want to play good characters: Bobby Deol

Mumbai, Sep 4 PTI : He returns to the big screen after a four year gap with “Poster Boys” and actor Bobby Deol says he was not working, industry people thought he was lazy.

The 50-year-old actor says contrary to perception, he “will die” to make more movies.

“Every film has its own destiny, even if you have worked hard, after the release, a film can change the scenario.” I waited, dying to work, when you do not work for so many years, people imagine you do I want to work or you are lazy or happy and relaxed.

“And to get out and work hard is what I do and I hope people will see me in a different light,” Bobby told PTI.

The actor says for him that it is not a matter of being the main cast but of playing good characters.

“In ‘Poster Boys’, each character is well defined, I have made so many films in which I have been the principal conductor or part of the cast, the character must be interesting enough to make a film said.

Bobby, who was first seen at “Yamla Pagla Deewana 2” in 2014, makes a comeback with the debut directors of Shreyas Talpade “Poster Boys”, a remake of the film Marathi of the same name.

The actor said that he returned after four years, it was important for him to make a different but interesting film.

The actor “Gupt” did not see the original film of Marathi but said when Talpade told him the script and his character, he liked it so much that he accepted immediately to come on board.

“The film speaks of a subject that people generally feel astray.This is not a preaching.When people see the characters talking in an embarrassing way, they will connect to the film, to the story. , the script is funny, the humor is integrated and people will enjoy it (film), “he adds.

“Poster Boys” is a story of three men, who are shocked to find their photos used as part of a vasectomy campaign.

Speaking of his role, the actor said: “I play a character, who lives in a small town, is married and has two children … is nicknamed. This is how his life is disrupted when the poster is out. did a lot of work with Shreyas, it went well. “

Bobby said today that the younger generation is very open and frank, and does not hesitate to talk about real problems.

“Even schools educate children about real problems so they do not have to be embarrassed or afraid of everything.

People are aware of all things, but still ‘nasbandi’ (vasectomy) is considered a taboo, which is sad. “

By calling “Poster Boys”, a family animator, Bobby says the film is about vasectomy and that we should not be embarrassed to talk about it.

“My brother Sunny (Deol) makes the film and he has a picture of his own name, and the fans look at him as a man of color. family, as a macho man, then they will understand the message of the film. “

The film is broadcast on 8 September.

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