Indian writer-director’s play makes a mark in Dubai

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Indian writer-director’s play makes a mark in Dubai

Dubai, Apr 10 : Dhruti Shah, a Dubai-based writer and filmmaker from Mumbai, is hailed as a prominent presenter and performer following a successful production of his play “i”.

According to Shah, “i” is a lyrical composition of a journey of four distinct voices that unravel their identity through the growing stages and cycles of life.

Shah’s game was organized as part of a “Queen of Drama,” a theatrical collective held here from April 6 to 8.

“Using introspective tools and complex techniques of personal discovery, these four voices are beginning to unfold their universality, breaking down the boundaries between them, their exploration and the public,” Shah told PTI.

According to her, by merging physical theater, dance, sound and light and many eclectic modes of expression, this production has been a celebration of all the things that make us human and our integration with the beauty of life and Mystical wonders.

Shah channels his surrealist interpretations of the mundane, while staying the time put forth in the light of folklore.

His explorations in theater, movement, literature and music aim to broaden the perspectives.

Using a myriad of theatrical frames and genres of movement such as Butoh, Bak Mei, Yoga, Kalaripayattu, etc., she espouses existential debates with unconventional tools, techniques and tales, to create stage experiences often Deep in observation and in layers.

“Queens of Drama” was a series of five short games based on the common goal of tackling women’s problems with fun, sarcasm and empathy.

The five short plays were written and directed by talented female artists.

“This second edition of” Queens of Drama “had women who wrote and discussed stories about women and discussed topics that are not usually spoken, but should be,” Rashmi Kotriwala, festival director, Queens of Drama, 2017 and Co-founder Of The Junction, said.


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