It was easy working with Penelope in ‘Loving Pablo’: Bardem


It was easy working with Penelope in ‘Loving Pablo’: Bardem

Los Angeles, Sep 14 PTI : The winner of the Oscar, Javier Bardem, is the first time to play his actor, Penelope Cruz, in “Loving Pablo” because they have become a couple and he says they have never been more comfortable .

In the English-speaking biodrama of Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Bardem plays the drug lord Pablo Escobar, while Cruz, 43, is his mistress.

In an interview with Variety, the 48-year-old Spanish writer welcomes his wife, saying that she is a great actress and can always challenge each other to go further.

“It was easy to work with Penelope, she can immediately say what I’m doing, where I’m going, we know how to play with each other and try different things. eye or a word here and there, so we pushed each other to be more daring, “says Bardem.

The actor said it was difficult to bring the project to the big screen because he wanted to do the film first in Spanish but could not find funding.

“I wanted to make a film about what was in front of me, on his personal side, and I really wanted to make this film in Spanish, but we tried and tried, and we simply did not find the funding. moving things forward, we decided that we would do it in English, with Spanish accents, and we were able to mount the production.

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