James Cameron making 20th anniversary documentary on ‘Titanic’


James Cameron making 20th anniversary documentary on ‘Titanic’

Los Angeles, Jul 26 PTI : Director James Cameron revisits his classic “Titanic” from 1997.

The winning director of the Oscar joins National Geographic for “Titanic: 20th Anniversary,” a special one-hour documentary, reported Entertainment Weekly.

“When I wrote the film, and when I started to direct it, I wanted all the details to be as accurate as possible, and every grieving moment of the last hours of the ship was taken into account,” Cameron said In a press release

“I was creating a living story, I had to respect the many dead and their legacy. But did I really succeed? Now, with National Geographic and with the latest research, science and technology, I will re-evaluate. “

Started in December, the project will use a new technology to analyze important choices made during production, participate in Cameron’s personal journey while making the film and follow the director and a team of experts in a titanic presidential exhibition of Ronald Reagan Library.

“Titanic”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, revolved around two young people who fall in love after meeting the condemned ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean early in the morning of April 15, 1912.

The ship struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

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