‘Mamma Mia’ is one of Colin Firth’s favourite films


‘Mamma Mia’ is one of Colin Firth’s favourite films

London, Sep 8 PTI : “Mamma Mia!” received criticism from critics when it was released in 2008, but Colin Firth said it is one of his favorite films because it is “hard to do pure escape”.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Firth reflected on making the light musical with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan was one of the most memorable experiences of his career.

“I really liked it … I know it’s … I saw a reporter change color when I said it was one of my favorite things I had done because I think he does not pass the snob test very easily, but I think it’s incredibly unusual to find entertainment that strikes a common ground, because frankly it does not matter what you think of ABBA, you know.

“Certainly, if you are my age, you grew up playing somewhere or where, when I failed my exams or when I was stripped by my girlfriend. he was playing on a jukebox, “Firth said.

The actor said he was thrilled to recreate the boxing success of the original when he meets with Streep and Brosnan for the sequel “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!”, Which will be released next year .

“My past is back … like an acid reflux. I guess I have to be thankful that I have to have made a few movies that people want to see revived in some way.

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