Musicians are winners, not losers, says A R Rahman


Musicians are winners, not losers, says A R Rahman

Mumbai, Sep 12 PTI : Filmmakers usually show the story of gossip to wealth in the biopics of sports personalities, but the music maestro A R Rahman says he does not understand why musicians are often portrayed as losers on the big screen.

Rahman believes that people are only interested in making biopics about musicians who have led a tragic life.

“I think people are interested in making biopics on failed people or musicians who have failed who die from poverty or addiction,” the musician told PTI.

“Even abroad, if you look at ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, the film of the Coen brothers, it is about how a man fails, is disillusioned, is an addict and is expelled from the house. So this perception has to go Musicians are not losers, they are winners, “he said.

Rahman said in his recently released film “One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert”, they talk about “celebrating music and not about failures or remorse.”

He said he would have the opportunity to make a biography of somebody in the world of music, he would choose to bring the life of Bismillah Khan and Ravi Shankar on the celluloid.

“There are a lot of people (from the world of music on which a biopic can be created), but the problem is that you can not replicate what the person has done. Like Bismillah Khan saab, you can not have a Shehnai player like him, you can use the recording. In addition, a biopic on Ravi Shankar, they are celebrated Bharat Ratnas, “says Rahman.

Meanwhile, the Oscar-winning musician was surrounded to compose music for the biopic on Bruce Lee, which is headed by Shekhar Kapur, Oscars nominated filmmaker.

“It is a challenge that Shekhar is looking forward to, and I look forward to it.”

According to reports, the film will be a contemporary dramatization of the social and political forces of the 1950s in Hong Kong that made Bruce Lee a famous martial arts star and a modern philosopher.

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