Nobody questions the repetitiveness of love stories: Aditi

Nobody questions the repetitiveness of love stories: Aditi

New Delhi, Sep 19 PTI : There is a series of films in Bollywood that address the issue of violence against women and actor Aditi Rao Hydari believes that it is better to make such films than just another run- of-the-mill.

Raveena Tandon’s “Maatr” and Sridevi’s “Mom” saw the mothers turn into avenging angels and now “Bhoomi” will see a father, played by Sanjay Dutt, fight for his daughter (Aditi).

The 30-year-old actor who plays the titular role of Bhoomi in the film directed by Omung Kumar says that these films reflect what is happening in society.

In an interview with PTI, the actor said, “So many cases of violence against women continue to occur, why do not we put this question to the system? Some things are constantly being observed in our society, whether it is an honor to kill, rape or any type of sexual assault. Or if people are silent to have a dissenting voice.

“It’s just simple love stories or humorous stories, is it not repetitive, it’s been done so many times, every type of violence is different, every parent-child relationship is different. that ‘Mom’ was different.These stories could not reach the audience.I really hope that “Bhoomi” does.

Aditi says his next film involves a lower middle class family and how the father defends his daughter.

“Here you see a father believe in his daughter and it comes out of love … It is often shown that a girl always defends her family, but I do not know how many times the parents defend the girl.”

Calling Bhoomi, an internal forcewoman, the actor says she is pleased that the film is based in Agra because there is a tendency to get their daughters married as soon as possible in small towns.

“With us girls in the city, we assume we have space to raise our voices. Most parents in India, especially in small towns, fear girls because of the inhuman treatment they are inflicted. They want her to leave saying, “You’re no longer my responsibility.” I do not understand why we were not feeding our daughters? “

“Bhoomi” is the vehicle back from Sanjay, just as the public will see enough of the performance of Aditi?

The actor said, “This is the movie back from Sanju Sir, yes.

He is an experienced, loved and established actor. For example, the first shot in any traditional film setting would have been his.

“But here, I do not know if they thought or it happened that the first film of the film is a scene where Bhoomi dyes his father’s hair.

The film is expected to display screens this Friday.

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