Not so difficult to strike a balance: Pitt on stardom, personal life


Not so difficult to strike a balance: Pitt on stardom, personal life

Mumbai, May 25 : He is one of the biggest Hollywood stars and there is a special focus on his personal life, but Brad Pitt says he has learned to give his priority.

Pitt made a surprise trip to India to promote his dark comedy, “War Machine”, which is released on Netflix this Friday.

“You have to make time for yourself, time for your family.It is not that hard to keep a balance.I can compartmentalize very well,” said Pitt, 53, when asked about how To manage the pressure of being a superstar.

Pitt was in news for his split actress, wife Angelina Jolie. In previous interviews, he discussed his difficult phase and how he struggled for an alcohol problem.

The actor, however, seemed relaxed during his trip here as he took a series of questions about his long film career.

He recently visited Mumbai and Pune for the filming of Jolie’s film “A Mighty Heart”. Recalling the weather, Pitt said, “I would put on a helmet and I would walk on an Enfield”.

Pitt sat down with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan for discussion on the future of filmmaking.

The Hollywood star looked curious to make Bollywood movies, including the routine of song and dance, while admitting that it was bad to both, so had no future here.

SRK joked that it was not difficult to master the technique and if everything failed, he advised him to “stand and open arms.”

“We are going to make you dance in Bollywood. We make everybody dance in Bollywood,” he told SRK.

“Really? Then this would be the first film I will say,” Pitt said, trying to sign the SRK movement.

When asked about the secret behind their long careers, Pitt said, “I’m trying to reinvent myself all the time, and luckily we were on the verge of surviving our mistakes.”

Shah Rukh attributed it to keep it simple and keep family life separate from its star character of the film.

“My children, most of the time, do not like my movies. It’s not a special thing in the house for Dad’s film to do well.

Your industry friends are also telling you to simplify it.

On a question about the script selection process, Pitt said: “For me, it’s more about who’s telling the story.

It starts with a script, a script. I do not know Shah Rukh but I want to surround myself with friends. “

Shah Rukh agreed, “Sometimes I do not even want to know the story. I just want to know who says it.”

“War Machine”, directed by David Michod, is a dark comedy about the absurdities of war.

Pitt plays an American general Glenn McMahon, posted in Afghanistan.

It is inspired by the book of the journalist Michael Hastings entitled “The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan”.

An investment in the USD 60 million range is also the main feature of Netflix to date.

The character of Pitt is based on General Stanley A McChrystal, a retired general of the United States Army, best known for his command of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

The actor said that Hastings was frustrated that his story became more about the “sensational dismissal” of the general rather than being a discussion about the system.

Pitt said he wanted to return the legacy of great war movies like “Dr Strangelove”, “MASH” and “Catch-22”.

Author-director Michod, who joined both actors on the mid-session stage, said he changed the character’s name because he did not want it to appear as a biopic on McChrystal.

For him, it was also an interesting opportunity to present Pitt in a comic role.

“He was a funny character for Brad. He’s an incredibly gifted comic actor.

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