Priyanka Chopra meets Syrian refugees in Jordan


Priyanka Chopra meets Syrian refugees in Jordan

Cairo, Sep 11 PTI : Actor Priyanka Chopra, during his first visit to a Syrian refugee camp in the Jordanian capital of Amman, is appalled by their fate and said the world should be inspired by its resilience.

More than 5 million people have fled war-torn Syria since the civil war began in 2011 and has taken refuge in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan.

Priyanka, the world ambassador for the goodwill of UNICEF, documented her visit to Amman, which hosts 1 80 000 Syrian refugees, on Instagram. She shared her interactions with refugee children, who desperately seek normality in their lives.

“Today has been very emotional, and as our daily lives are privileged, it’s hard to imagine that everything can be taken away from you for a moment.” Today we spent the day in a host community bringing together families of Syrian refugees (such as this one) so desperately in search of a safe place for their families, “the actor said on the photo-sharing site, accompanied by a short video of his interpretation with children of a Syrian refugee family.

Priyanka, 35, said more than 80 percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan live outside the refugee camps in cities, towns and farming villages (host communities).

“Amman is home to the largest number of Syrian refugees, approximately 1,80,000 people. Refugee families in host communities have limited livelihood opportunities and, after six years, have exhausted their savings and borrowed money everywhere to feed and support their families @unicef ​​# ChildrenUprooted #TheyAreUs, “she wrote.

In a previous post, Priyanka explained his decision to share the fate of Syrian refugees, especially children, saying they want the world to be inspired by their resilience and hope for a better future.

“I’ve never done this when I do trips, but I feel compelled to think about what I feel after each session because I feel a lot, the anger and agony I felt at seeing these beautiful ones children of hope ravaged by war was so gross.

“The world has seen the pain that war has left in Syria, but the resilience, the joy and the hope, in spite of that, are so inspiring to me, these children are my inspiration, they should be yours too, she said.

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