Pure dance form is not dying: Hema Malini


Pure dance form is not dying: Hema Malini

Kolkata, Sep 12 PTI : Hema Malini believes that every art form has its own beauty and that there is nothing wrong with mixing it with other shapes.

The actor was in town to announce “Synergy,” a collaboration between Indians and dancers from Georgia, which will take place here on September 15.

“Every form of art has its own beauty, but mixing it with other forms in a distinct way is correct.” The pure form of dance does not die, there is nothing wrong as long as it is kept separately. .. One can still see a lot of enthusiasm in learning in the forms of classical dance, “said Hema Malini in answering a question.

Speaking of his production synergy, Hema Malini said: “For any cultural performance that interests me, Kolkata’s response is the most critical.

“Kolkata is famous and we know how important culture is in this city of kalakars (artists).

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