Ram Madhavani dedicates National Award win to Bhanot family

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Ram Madhavani dedicates National Award win to Bhanot family

Mumbai, Apr 7 : “Neerja” won the best national award of the Hindi film and its director Ram Madhavani dedicated the honor to the family of Neerja Bhanot.

Featuring Sonam Kapoor in the lead role, the film is based on the 22-year-old air hostess, Neerja, who thwarted the attempt to divert fire and was then killed by the terrorists while helping to save more Of 350 passengers and crew on board.

The filmmaker, who made his film debut with the biopic, thanked the Bhanot family and said they deserved the award more than anyone else.

“I did not foresee the National Award for” Neerja “. I was happily surprised. I thank the Bhanot family.

This award is attributed to them, they deserve it, “Madhavani told PTI.

The filmmaker announced the victory that he had a word with the brothers of Neerja and they were very pleased with this recognition.

“I spoke to Akhil and Aneesh Bhanot, I also spoke to Sonam, she shoots Maheshwar for ‘Padman’, it is the same place where we reached the climax of ‘Neerja’. Kind of universal blessing as the National Awards announcement that it is in the same place. “

Sonam also made a special mention for his performance in the film.

Madhavani was in an Ayurvedic center with his son when he learned that “Neerja” won the National Prize.

“I was at the Ayurvedic Retirement Center and my phone was silent when I came back, I saw 89 missed calls and hundreds of messages. I started stressing and I thought there was a crisis.

“My son, who was with me, told me about ‘Neerja’ that won a national award. We had herbal tea, so we celebrated the good news,” he said. Added.

The filmmaker began working on his next director, but he wants to keep his secret until he is not finished with the script.

“I’m working on a feature film and I hope it will happen next year, I will not talk about it at all, I’ll wait until I’m ready, I’m superstitious about my film until That I’m not ready, do not talk about it, “he said.

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