Reese Witherspoon encourages women to be ambitious


Reese Witherspoon encourages women to be ambitious

London, Sep 9 PTI : Actor Reese Witherspoon said she encourages women to be more ambitious and eliminate the stigma surrounding them.

The 41-year-old actor said she believed that ambitious women had the power to “change (the) company,” said FemaleFirst.

“A few years ago, I wrote a Glamor Women of the Year speech about why women’s ambition is considered a dirty word, and we think they did all of these studies Harvard and Colombia on how women have ambitious qualities are seen as selfish or self-sustaining, and it’s actually just the opposite.

“Usually they have a mission or a training to help others or accomplish something, so I try to stigmatize so that we can encourage more girls to be ambitious, because I think it is as well as the company will change, “Witherspoon said on” Good Morning America “.

Recently, actor “Big Little Lies” has beaten sexism widespread in Hollywood, saying that major studios are not interested in making films with “materials directed by women”.

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