Sonu Nigam lends his voice for ITBP force song


Sonu Nigam lends his voice for ITBP force song

New Delhi, Jun 27 : Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam sang a patriotic song for the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP).

The Hindi song of 2.17 minutes, “Hum sarhad ke senani, hum sachhey hindustani …”, was unveiled by Union secretary Rajiv Mehrishi while visiting the headquarters of the forces.

A senior official said the song was written a few years ago, but it was published in a “modified” format.

He said that Nigam was approached by the paramilitary force of 90,000 staff members to lend his voice, which he happily did without charging a fee.

A team of senior officers recently met the singer in Mumbai to record the song.

It has an inspirational melody with military beats in the background, depicting the work style and duties that men and women of strength, proudly call themselves as “Himveers”, make along the border Chinese and other domestic security theaters.

The video, which includes the ITBP border crossings, staff and modern equipment, will be played at every ceremonial and official event of the paramilitary force from now on, said the official.

The force, which operates under the command of the Union’s Ministry of the Interior, is primarily responsible for protecting the Sino-Indian border of 3.488 km in length and its border crossings are located at altitudes ranging from 9 000 feet to 18 700 feet.

He was raised in 1962, following the Chinese aggression.

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